This after preliminary investigations established that the suspect was the last person to be seen in the company of the deceased whose name was only identified as Chebet.

Confirming the incident, Limuru acting  OCPD  Paul  Yator said that investigations have been launched to establish whether the deceased was raped by her assailants before killing her.

He said that the death was reported by a second-hand clothes dealer on Wednesday morning as he went to open his business.

“I was called by the hawkers’ chairman early in the morning who informed me that he had bumped into a lifeless body dumped behind a building adjacent to the Limuru open-air market,” he said.

The body of the lady who is said to have lost her kid several months ago through a road accident was half naked.

“I have seen and identified  Chebet because  I had lived with her for years as my employee before she left and took another job. She had no clothes and seemed to have been raped before she met her death,” said a lady who spoke on grounds of anonymity.

She further claimed that  Chebet was a habitual drunkard saying that she had indeed informed her mother about the same before sacking her.

“I was concerned about her drinking sprees and had actually prevailed upon her mother who lives in Eldoret to talk to her against the vice,” she added.

Tens of curious onlookers jammed the scene of the crime before the body was taken away by police.

“The body will be taken to the city mortuary for postmortem examinations and that’s only when we can authoritatively inform you what caused her death,” said the OCPD.

A police source told the media that the suspect who is being held at the  Limuru Police Station admitted that he was with the deceased on Tuesday night.

Limuru has experienced five unresolved deaths in the past week with locals attributing the same to laxity among the police officers who they say conduct no patrols.


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