While the move raised eyebrows, it also led many to term him a betrayer but he has maintained innocence and now says Kenyans should allow time to be the judge.

“It’s been a turbulent moment because of my decision to work with the government despite my party leader opposing my move. So many people think I am a betrayer but I think time will judge me. I want Lang’ata people to give me a scorecard at the end of my 5-year term,” he said during his interview with Citizen Digital.

He noted that his move was greatly influenced by his will to deliver on the promises he made to his constituents.

“When you work with the government, more things are achievable therefore when President Ruto called me I listened and made my decision. He has always been my friend,” he added.

At the same time, he says he is ready to serve for one term claiming he used to earn way more before joining politics.

“I want to deliver on my mandate to the people of Lang’ata even if I’ll just serve for one term. Some things don’t move me. I have left better salaries than what MPs are paid and I can also go back to Jalang’o TV,” the legislator stated.

In a presser after the dramatic ejection, he said he does not regret his move the meet the President and pledged to not apologize although he expressed fears he might be among the first members to be kicked out of the ODM party.

“I came here because I am a member of ODM and Azimio. I was barred before later being allowed in when Baba walked in. Afterwards, I was asked to walk out. I really feel bad but I can’t regret it,” Jalang’o told a journalist.


“I will not apologize for meeting the President. I’m still a member of the Azimio and ODM. This is politics.”


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