Residents of Kambiri village, Shinyalu constituency, Kakamega County were left reeling in shock after an Elgon tic tree that fell down two years ago was found standing firm.

Kevin Mbalilwa, one of the residents, stated that the locals were confused since the tree fell down two years ago when it was struck by a strong wind. He noted that the locals subsequently cut off all the branches for firewood.

The owner of the farm now wants the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) to intervene and visit the site to assess the tree.

“I want KFS to help me to know ways that I can benefit from the tree because hundreds of people have come to see it without giving me anything while they destroy my maize plantation, I want it to be a tourist attraction site,” Oliva Salamu, the owner of the farm, told K24 Digital.

“As Kambiri villagers, we are very lucky. This is a good sign since the tree resurrected after Jesus resurrected on easter,” David Iloka stated.

However, some locals whose names have been withheld for security reasons, say that this may be due to a curse after Salamu’s late son prevented him from selling part of the parcel of land before his death.

They argue that the late son cursed the land so that nothing could be sold from the farm.


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