A woman who was travelling from Bungoma to Mombasa in search of prayers died while onboard a bus.

A police report OB NO/20/22/4/2023 which was filed at Central Police Station by Simba coach driver namely Musa Moi Owalo stated that Consolota Wesonga Otieno was travelling from Bungoma to Mombasa when she died on the way.

“One of the passengers who was travelling aboard the said bus died on the way. Upon arrival l alerted National Police Service ( NPS) officers who visited the scene and found the lifeless body of the said woman,” the police report reads in part.

“Upon searching her handbag, several medical documents were retrieved that revealed that the woman had been suffering from unknown terminal ailments,” the police report added.

According to her daughter Faith Otieno, her mother left Bungoma for Kilifi to seek prayers since she has been ailing for some time.

“We have been informed of her death by police we are preparing to come over and witness the postmortem exercise. She travelled from Bungoma to Mombasa, she was later to go to Kilifi in search of prayers from a well-known pastor who she believed would heal her,” she alleged.

Otieno noted that it was unfortunate that her mother had stopped taking her medications and began following the alleged pastor on a televised broadcast.

“It’s sad that she died even before she got to see the said pastor. She has now left us with the expenses of transporting her body and paying for the mortuary charges,” the daughter lamented.

The body has since been moved to the Coast General mortuary, awaiting to undergo postmortem exercise.


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