A 38-year-old man has been left nursing serious injuries after he was allegedly assaulted by his wife.

Rashid Suleiman a resident of Likoni sub-county Mombasa county, claims that he was battered by his wife after he questioned her about frequent calls and text messages she has been receiving from other men.

Suleiman stated that his wife turned violent towards him after he enquired why he was speaking to other men, while still married to him.

“I only wanted to know why she was disrespecting me by having conversations with other men while inside my house, l felt irritated by her actions to flirt openly with other men and when l began the conversation she picked up her mobile phone and threw it at me, it broke into pieces before she went on to assault me with kicks and blows before l ran to the police station for my safety,” he said.

He reported the matter as assault at Likoni police station under OB number 79/05/01/2023. He however claims that police officers at the station advised him to chase the said woman away rather than pursue justice.

And in a twist of events Suleiman was unable to reveal the first name of his wife with whom he had lived with for the past 8 months.

“I know her as Rukia for the first name l have to check when l get back home l truly don’t know what is her other name,” he said.

He was treated at the Likoni district hospital and discharged after pieces of metal were removed from his ears.


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