The lobby led by Moyale Livestock Market chairperson Hussein Osman called out locals misusing donkeys by abusing them. He specifically pointed out that some donkey owners fed their animals marijuana (bhang) in an attempt to increase their performance.

Additionally, Osman urged the locals to offer the donkeys physical and psychological care reiterating that the animals were domestic just like others and as such they should be accorded better treatment and respect.

“Donkeys need to be treated like other domestic animals and owners should stop abusing them,” he stated.

The group further disclosed that some of the locals were exposing the animals to danger by making them transport harmful substances that posed a threat to their lives and skin.

This, they say, has also contributed to the decline in the number of donkeys over time.

“Some people transport diesel and other substances that are harmful to the donkeys’ skin. Such acts expose the beasts of burden to bodily harm,” they stated.

While calling out the locals’ shortcomings, the group also called for the vaccination of the donkeys in order to protect them from diseases.

“We need frequent vaccination drives and the provision of donkey feeds by the government, with needy households, especially the women-led ones given priority,” the group added.


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