A pregnant woman who was captured in a viral video writhing in pain on the floor of the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital lost her baby 2-3 days before her visit to the facility, Nairobi’s health department has revealed.

In a statement on Monday, April 17, County Chief Executive member on Health Anastasia Nyalita termed the woman’s ordeal at the facility as disheartening and unfortunate.

Nyalita disclosed that the 26-year-old woman, who resides in Njiru, arrived at the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital at 5:20 pm on Saturday, April 15 in the company of her relatives.

The expectant mother complained of lower abdominal pains radiating to the back with increased intensity.

According to the officer, the patient also complained that she could not feel regular baby movements, forcing the medics at the hospital to conduct an ultrasound where it was established that the foetus was already dead.

“The Doctor on call immediately recommended an ultrasound to validate the lack of foetal heartbeat. The medical team and counsellors at the Mama Lucy Kibaki informed the patient and her relatives of the ultrasound results which revealed that the baby was already dead,” Nyalita said.

“The ultrasound scan results came back revealing that the patient had experienced an IntraUterine Foetal Death (IUFD) at 38wks 5days.”

The woman delivered a stillbirth male infant weighing 2.6 kilograms at 7:20 pm.

“The medical team showed the patient the baby and informed her that the baby had passed away 2-3 days before delivery and her visit to the hospital,” she added.

Nyalita, however, noted that despite the patient and the baby’s prior condition the woman should have been handled better.

“The Governor’s promise includes treating our citizens with utmost dignity and care. The Governor has personally spoken to the patient and her family, offered his condolences and commiserated with them,” Nyalita added.

The new board will be headed by Dorcas Kemunto.

Further, the county boss also ordered the transfer of the facility’s Medical Superintendent Emma Mutio to Pumwani Hospital.

Bernard Gituma takes over as Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital’s new Medical Superintendent.


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