One person has l***********e and a dozen others injured following an inter-clan conflict over livestock pasture at Vango village in Madogo of Tana River County.

The conflict further brought businesses to a standstill as opposing sides fought each other and saw several houses razed to the ground before police could intervene and cool down the tension.

Bangali deputy county commissioner Joseph Kipkorir said that the police will arrest all those who caused mayhem and charge them in court for l**********e and destruction of property.

“I want to assure you that we are going to arrest all those who participated in these actions and take them to court. We had given the elders enough time to solve these disputes in their council,” Kipkorir said.

Bura MP Yakub Dubow has also called for calm in the area and urged the elders to come together and solve the matter with finality.

“I want to ask my p****e in Madogo to live in peace and report to police those who are hell-bent to cause chaos so that we continue co-existing as we always have,” Dubow said.


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