Police acting on a tipoff from a member of the Shakahola church dug up a grave and found one person alive.

Homicide detectives dug up the grave after an informer who was a member of the controversial church alleged that there is a shallow mass grave of victims totalling 31 bodies.

A visibly emaciated woman was rescued by the police during the operation in the Chakama area of Kilifi County.

The woman is among several members of the Shakahola church who have so far been saved from starving to death.

The seven among them several women were rescued by local leaders and driven to Malindi Police Station.

The people were starving following an alleged directive they received from controversial pastor Paul Makenzie Nthenge.

In a police statement seen by K24 Digital, four others died before they were rescued at Langobaya village.

Police were acting following a tip-off from a member of the church who claimed that there was a mass grave of 31 people at Shakahola Forest.


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