Sauti Sol music band has threatened to withdraw their Music Copyright Society Of Kenya (MCSK) over low monthly royalties.

The band on Tuesday, April 18 said MCSK no longer serves their interest.

“We are going to withdraw our membership from the society as it does not serve our best interests entirely.

“All disgruntled members who wish to do the same, the time is now! Please reach out. Take back your power!,” Sauti Sol said.

The band said MCSK is supposed to distribute nothing less than 70 per cent of all royalties collected to the members and provide credible statements of account to that effect.

“They can not operate without a license. So the question is, do they have a license from KECOBO or not?” They posed.

Several musicians last week took to social media to make jokes about the money paid to them as royalties by the MCSK

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien was the first to post his M-Pesa statement which shows that he was paid Ksh14,634 by the society.

Bien wondered what ‘upcoming’ musicians like Khaligraph Jones were paid if he could be paid a meagre Ksh14,634.

Obinna, while reacting to Bien’s post, revealed that he was Ksh258 by MCSK.

“@bienaimesol zangu zimeingia..umesema sherehe iko wapi??😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅,” Obinna wrote.


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