Over eight families have been affected following heavy downpours that pounded Kamasimbi Village in the Sindo Kaksingri sub-location last night causing massive destruction of property.

The residents woke up to find their possessions completely submerged due to floods that also endangered their lives and that of their children.

However, it is reported that no life was lost despite the night-long downpours causing flooding that swept away crops, livestock and other properties of value leaving families in distress.

Speaking to the press, the area senior chief Daniel Magadi Dwele said the losses incurred as a result of the rains are estimated to cost Ksh500,000 not excluding the trees and crops that were swept away amid the floods.

Learners were consequently hindered from attending classes as their books and uniforms were also lost to the floods.

“The pupils got stranded and could not report to school after their books and uniforms were swept away,” said the chief.

Altonce Okinda said he woke up to find everything was afloat with his children half drowned in their bed.

“I saved my children then headed to where the livestock was kept only to find a number of sheep already swept away while the rest were still standing in the water up to this moment,” he said.

He said their houses, certificates, utensils and wooden materials were destroyed, requesting for the creation of overflows to help drain excess water.

The residents are now worried about another downpour. They asked the County Government to step in and help with setting up culverts in the village.

“In case it rains again we will have to find refuge in a school and stay there until the rains stop,” he said.


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