According to reports, the girl was arrested on April 28, 2023, alongside her friend who had accompanied her to see her boyfriend. The parents requested the police to arrest and keep her in custody as a form of punishment.

However, it is alleged that the officer went to the room where the girls were held and asked the victim to follow him to another room, where he ordered her to undress. It is alleged that the officer repeatedly defiled the minor using condoms.

The cop, according to Ms Vivian Ayuma, the county’s director of social services, children’s services, culture and gender, has not yet been arrested.

“This is a very sad matter that has been swept under the carpet. We are calling for a full investigation into this sad incident. We need this officer to be charged for inflicting such pain on the girl and ruining her life,” Ms Ayuma said.

The Nation reports that the Director of Community Policing, Gender and Child Protection Mr John Gachomo has promised a full investigation into the matter, which will result in the prosecution of the suspect.


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