Mukumu Girls’ High School has been closed indefinitely following the death of two students, who were taken i*l after a food poisoning incident.

In a statement, the Western Region director of education Jared Obiero said the incident left at least 500 students fell s**k with bacteria infections after consuming the food.

“Mukumu Girls High school has been closed indefinitely after two students died and over 500 others infected with bacteria infections after consuming i*********d food and contaminated water,” Obiero said.

“Let us pray for our students and Mukumu community. If we take a child home for treatment, let us take them to hospital and monitor. We have lost two students, Wendy Oyugi Amani who passed on in Bungoma and Miriam Namajanja, who had not resumed from half-term break, passed on this morning at their home in Navakholo. God give us grace and wisdom to go through this trying moment,” the principal said.

At least 30 students are still f******g for their lives at St Elizabeth’s Mukumu Mission Hospital, even as leaders led by Kakamega Senator Bony Khalwale call for action against the school’s administration.

On Saturday, April 1, 2023, Shinyalu MP Fred Ikana called for the closure of the school until investigations by public health officials are concluded, and their recommendations are implemented.

“We will ensure our students are safe even if it means closing the school for a while. We shall go by the recommendations of the experts,” the MP said.

In May 2023, 28 students from the school were h**********d with fever and diarrhoea. In July, the school lost two students to what was termed as a malaria attack.


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