Neno Evangelism pastor James Ng’ang’a has called on the government to stop claiming that all pastors participate in the indoctrination of their followers.

This comes amidst a probe into the deaths of over a hundred people whose bodies were discovered buried in mass graves in Shakahola in Malindi, Kilifi county.

At the centre of the controversy is pastor Paul Mackenzie who is accused of misleading his followers to fast to death in order to meet Jesus.

So far police have detained Mackenzie and pastor Ezekiel Odero who was arrested in connection to deaths reported at his church.

In a statement, Ng’ang’a urged the government to single out the culprits and charge them without involving other pastors who were genuinely serving the Lord.

He also dared relevant authorities to arrest him and investigate his church and if found guilty of any crimes he should be jailed.

“Kama kuna mtu amefanya makosa muchukue huyo, msitueke sote kwa kikapu kimoja, nyinyi mmeua wangapi, every five years mnaua watu, hao mmeua kwa maandamano,

Nataka nikikuja nichunguzwe maCID mkae tayari nikifika tu either mnichukue hapo airport. Nilisema tangu kimbele nikifanya miujiza CID muangalie kama ni ya uongo wanichukue wanifungie jela kamiti lakini kama ni ya Mungu mupatie Mungu heshima,” he stated.

Further, the man of the cloth expressed disappointment in the way the matter was being handled noting that it would attract severe repercussions spiritually.

He also reiterated that the state should go for the main culprits without grouping very pastor as a criminal.

“The way people are trying to handle this matter is going to bring chaos spiritually. You can’t fix everybody in that kikapu. Hamuezi chukua wahubiri wote muwaeke kwa kikapu kimoja,” he added.


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