A 3-year-old baby is living in pain and a***y following a d********t ordeal by her father.

The baby’s uncle Joseph Kithi alleges that she was defiled by her biological father on Friday at their home in Bamburi, Mombasa county and that efforts to have her mother report the matter to police have borne no fruits.

“She is adamant we have tried to push her to report the crime to police but she has declined, arguing that in case she reports her husband there will be no one to feed her and the minor’s sibling,” Kithi said.

He added that the suspect defiled the baby in the bathroom as he was washing her.

“The following day the minor began complaining of pain in her private parts and upon interrogation by her mother, she confessed that she had been defiled by her father as he bathed her. He later threatened her not to say a word to her mother,” Kithi said.

The baby’s mother said that she is yet to take her child to the hospital since the suspect is the sole breadwinner of the family.

” It’s true but I am afraid that in case l report him to the police no one will be there to provide for my family. l gave birth through the caesarian section and at the moment am unable to work. That is the only reason am putting up with this man,” she noted.

The w***n further alleged that she had been advised to pray for her husband instead of reporting the matter to the police.

“I cannot talk for long since l had excused myself from the church after you called. I am attending church for now. l have come to pray to God to expel the demons that made him commit the act,” she stated before she h**g up her phone.

The baby, who is currently under the care of her grandmother, is unable to control her urine.

“The child has been left under the care of my mother. She is in pain since she is yet to receive any medical attention,” Kithi said.

No arrests have been made so far since. There is no official report made by the minor’s relative.


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