In a statement shared via their official Twitter account, the ministry stated that a section of the agencies is working in cahoots with international human traffickers.

“The Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs in the recent past has been inundated with calls and messages from distressed Kenyans who fell and continue to fall victim to international human traffickers who are in cahoots with local recruitment agencies,” the statement reads in parts.

The diaspora body further revealed that the victims are lured into a well-orchestrated plan by agents who allegedly target unsuspecting applicants after they pay for the cost of travel, accommodation and visa fees.

The victims are then handed a 90-day visa; however, immediately after their departure, their tickets are cancelled.

“The unsuspecting job seekers are issued with 90 days visa based on information provided by agents, including hotel accommodation and return air tickets. However, immediately the victims depart, the return tickets are cancelled, leaving them at the mercy of local workers who traffic them to other destinations,” the statement reads in parts.

“The victims are decoyed to “textile factories” to engage in criminal activities, under the watchful eyes of armed men and owners of the “factories.” Their passports are normally confiscated and remain under the custody of the criminal gang,” the statement added.

The ministry noted that in collaboration with its Embassy in Bangkok and in partnership with IOM, HAART and security agencies they have managed to rescue so far 50 Kenyans from the region.


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