Police have given an update on the ongoing investigation into the gruesome death of a 2-year-old baby who was allegedly killed by her mother.

Detectives are now analysing five mobile phones as they try to piece together crucial leads in their investigation.

The mobile phones being analysed by police include that of the suspect’s lover, her male cousin who is reported to have spent the day with among others.

Kitengela DCIO Benson Mutie said detectives are piecing together all relevant information to get to the bottom of the bizarre murder.

“We are on top of things. We are interrogating the suspect to get leads as to what was troubling her. We have already subjected her mobile phone to forensic analysis and we have lined up four more,” Mutie told K24 Digital.

Olivia is being held at Kitengela police station and set to be arraigned in court on May 8 after the Kajiado law court granted detectives more days to complete investigations.

Olivia Naserian is accused of murdering her daughter Glory Njeri at their home in Kitengela’s Milimani Estate on April 22, 2023, then ingesting her insides before neighbours alerted the police, who arrived on the scene and apprehended her.

The suspect had been missing since 2020 – this is according to a report filed by her father at Kitengela police station.

In the statement, the father said that since mid-2020, when she got pregnant while she was still a university student, she never went back home and that her return last week was the first time the parents encountered her.

While she was encouraged to continue with her education, she was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in commerce, she instead insisted to drop out alongside her lover.


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