Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale now claims that the situation at Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls High School where two students died and hundreds hospitalised two weeks ago is yet to improve.

Khalwale, who visited the school on Thursday, April 13, said the school was still sourcing water from a nearby river which is believed to be contaminated.

“I am disheartened to report that the situation on the ground has not changed and I wish to advise parents of this great institution not to take their children back to school until the requisite changes are made, as initially agreed upon.

“The storage for food is still full with bad and rotten foodstuff contrary to the directive that these grains, laced with poisonous preservatives, be destroyed (preferably burnt) ahead of the students’ return,” he said in a statement.

The Senator said there was no arrangement put in place to purify the water or offer a cleaner and more reliable alternative for the students.

“And finally, the staff that is responsible – directly or indirectly – for this sorry state of affairs resulting in the death of our children and related long-lasting health effects to others, is still in place.

“The Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) accordingly stand accused of failing to take any single action against the School Principal, BOM, and other officers who, through sheer negligence, deliberate greed, or incompetence, are responsible for the current life-threatening mess at Mukumu Girls,” he stated.

He added: “And following the death of a third student early this week, I wish to advise parents not to take their children back to School on May 2nd, until and unless all the above three concerns have been addressed.

“We cannot make a mistake of taking these young souls back to the careless hands of individuals who have presided over their own harm and even death.”

She said that even though the government was still carrying out laboratory investigation through organs such as the Government Chemist and the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri), the team will address obvious water contamination at the school in Kakamega county.

Two students from the school died of gastro enteritis disease, a condition resulting from water contamination.

A total of 108 girls had been taken ill with 64 being treated and discharged.


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