Taking to different social media accounts, a section of users questioned the legality of the drug as some called out the DP for abandoning vital roles handed to him by his boss President William Ruto.

Others, on the other hand, hailed the DP for putting efforts towards curbing the use of drugs in the region.

Below are some of the reactions:

Dark-skinned Nilote wrote: I thought bangi ni illegal Kenya hata haifai kuwa kwa market! Ama we missed a memo.

Roy Captain wrote: What type of leadership is this?

Jacky Muna wrote: Meaning it’s legal?

The DP who was speaking during a meeting with members of county assemblies from Central Kenya on Thursday, May 4, 2023, excitedly noted that the hike in prices was a great move towards curbing the use of bhang in the region.

He stated that the strict measures had compelled the sellers to hike prices in order to counteract the move.

“I am so happy that since we started this exercise in the Central Kenya region, a roll of bhang that was Ksh100 is now retailing at Ksh400. They are making progress. It is becoming unaffordable. That is right because the police are so alert, so those selling are now hiking the price,” Gachagua said.

The country’s second-in-command further asserted that the same approach should be used to curb alcohol abuse in the region.

“When they sell at Ksh400, people who were buying at Ksh100 stop smoking because it is not available, so let us not make cheap liquor,” he added.

At the same time, Gachagua rubbished claims that joblessness had contributed to alcohol abuse in the central region. He affirmed that liquor availability and low prices were the major factors contributing to the menace.

“The issue that they are drinking, because they have nothing to do, is not true! I have seen many projects lacking workers. The people available for work in Central Kenya Region are women, young girls and old men. The young boys are not available,” he stated.

“The reason is that there is cheap available alcohol. Let us make it impossible to have cheap available alcohol. Let these young boys go to work and buy alcohol, which is Ksh200. This cheap liquor costing Ksh30 and Ksh40 is the problem,” he added.


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