The Kenyan Community in the Republic of Korea is rooting for additional job and trade opportunities for their compatriots in the East Asian nation.

The group wants the Kenyan government through the Embassy in Seoul to engage the current administration in Korea in an effort to enter into a pact that would enable Kenyan citizens to gain access to more employment opportunities in South Korea.

The community is particularly concerned, for instance, that despite Kenya being a native English-speaking country, South Korea still considers South Africa the only native English-Speaking country in Africa. This, the community noted, has denied hundreds of Kenyan students and professional teachers looking for greener pastures in the country the very opportunities despite their excellent and great mastery of the English language.

The Group laid bare the concern at an Annual General Meeting, the first to be held since 2020 following the outbreak of Covid-19. Kenyan Ambassador to Korea Mwende Mwinzi, who graced the occasion, promised to address the issue and others things affecting Kenyans in the country as a matter of priority.

She was, however, quick to point out that there are numerous other employment and trade opportunities in Korea that arise from time to time, and challenged the Kenyans in the country to engage the embassy for support with a view to fully exploit them.

She took note of the embassy’s constant and continuous engagement through the chairperson of the Chapter Dr. Geoffrey Kitetu, especially during moments when Kenyans have encountered legal, health, or safety challenges.

Passport processing through the embassy following the transition from old passports to electronic passports was another issue of concern. Most Kenyans indicated that the embassy had committed to facilitate this process taking away the need to return to Kenya just to apply for their ePassport. The group notes this is yet to be done more than three years since the transition was announced.

The Ambassador indicated the embassy was always keen to roll out such processes but blamed limited human resources for the delay. She, however, indicated that the issue is being addressed and urged all Kenyans in the country who need to apply for the new Passport, to have their documents ready as the registration has been earmarked to take off in three-weeks time.

The diplomat commended the Kenyan Community in Korea for the initiative to bring Kenyans in the country together and encouraged the group to engage even more through social activities such as sports.

Mwinzi further commended her compatriots for the support they extend to one another and asked them and those planning to visit the country in the future, to register with the embassy so as to strengthen communication and ensure the smooth dissemination of information.

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