Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) now says that the Shakahola massacre witnessed was a highly organized crime.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, ahead of the return of the exhumation which had been paused due to poor weather conditions, Kindiki noted that they had spotted more graves in the area leading to the conclusion that the macabre killings were well-plotted.

He further assured Kenyans that the government was up in arms to ensure that the mystery surrounding the unfortunate events is unravelled.

“I am afraid that we have many more graves in this forest, therefore it leads us to conclude that this was a highly organized crime. I want to assure the country that the government will do whatever it takes to unravel this organized criminal activity that has costed us all these people ,” he stated.

The CS also noted that so far 112 people have died from the massacre.

At the centre of the killings is Pastor Paul Mackenzie who is accused of misleading his followers to fast to death in order to meet Jesus.

Kindiki had earler noted that Mackenzie must face the law for the crimes.

“This was a misuse of fundamental rights of freedom with the purported use of the Bible to kill and cause a massacre. Those who urged others to fast and die were eating and drinking and they purported to prepare them to meet their creator,” Kindiki stated.


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