Addressing members of the press when he visited the Northlands farm on Tuesday evening, the opposition leader alleged that the group of goons was hired by senior Kenya Kwanza leaders and ferried to the property located on the Eastern Bypass.

The gang invaded the property well-a***d with m******s and power saws before they began to cut down eucalyptus trees as others carted away sheep grazing on the farm.

While condemning the invasion, Raila claimed that goons were under instruction to take over the multi-billion property in a wider scheme that saw police officers withdrawn from the area hours before the attack.

“We have been told the criminals who invaded the farm are not residents of this place. They are strangers who were ferried here by lorries and buses,” Raila said.

“We have been told by the locals that the plan was to invade and stay on the land. We have been able to see a sample of the allocation documents that had already been made.

“It is no coincidence that the police were not there when the goons came,” he added.

He blamed the attack on Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah and Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, who he accused of tarnishing the name of Mau Mau freedom fighters.

He said the demonstrations called by the government are not criminal acts, insisting that the opposition had tried to comply with provisions of the law.

“Therefore, there should be no excuse whatsoever for someone to go and invade someone’s property in this manner. It must be something that had been planned for a long period of time.

“Anyone behind the idea of grabbing land belonging to a Kenyan in this manner can not be said to be a leader of government if this is something that is being done under the hospices of the deputy president of this country. This country must be very sorry indeed,” he added.

“This can not be done in the name of Mau Mau. Mau Mau was a movement for the liberation of this county and never fought against fellow Africans. Mau Mau was supposed to liberate this country from the occupation by colonialists who grabbed our land.

“Anybody who claims to be a descendant of Mau Mau must be a true Kenyan patriot… You can not be an a*******t. You can not promote land grabbing…You are a shame to the history of this country.”

Raila also condemned an attack on his property at the East Africa Spectre Limited on Mombasa Road, where goons were captured on camera pelting stones and destroying property at the gas plant.

He said the a*******s were linked to the group that raided Uhuru’s farm.


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