A 22-year-old woman in Kabondo Kasipul constituency was left traumatised after gangsters stormed their home and allegedly raped her before escaping with valuables.

In the incident that occurred on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, the gangsters reportedly stormed the house at 10 pm as the victim was watching television in the company of her nephews and nieces.

The victim’s mother noted that they ransacked the house and took two mobile phones in her possession before leading her to a room where they raped her repeatedly until Wednesday at 1 am.

“They ransacked and took away two mobile phones she was using. They then led her to a room where they raped her repeatedly,” she stated.

Later that day, the gangsters went for the other family members demanding that they surrender all the money and valuables they had, shortly after they locked the victim’s mother and her grandchildren in a wardrobe as they threatened to kill them if they cause alarm.

Before leaving the house, the gang made away with electronic items worth Ksh500,000 and Ksh100,000 in cash.

On their way out, they met the victim’s father, they bundled him up into the car before driving off. They dumped him at a thicket in Rangwe constituency. He later returned home driving his cat

The victim was rushed to a nearby health facility for medical examination. The family has since called on the police to act swiftly and arrest the suspects.

“They were operating in groups. They robbed us of valuables and raped my daughter. Let the police provide my daughter justice,” the victim’s mother added.

Meanwhile, police in the area have vowed to pursue the suspects and bring them to book.


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