Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is spending his Easter holidays in the village.

In an update on his Facebook on Friday, April 7, 2023, the second in command shared a photo enroute to his auntie’s place on foot accompanied by his spouse Dorcas Gachagua.

He noted that the 8-kilometre walk was also a moment of nostalgia for him as he reminisced of similar treks in the 70’s.

“I woke up early this morning to visit my Auntie Gladys Gathoni. As I walked to her home, which is 8 kilometres away with my wife Pastor Dorcas, it brought back memories of similar journeys I made to her home in the Seventies, to get yellow passion fruits,” part of the lengthy writeup read.

He added: “On the way, I came across my village mates whom we grew up with. We exchanged greetings and shared lots of laughter. Our people remain hard-working, aggressive, and focused.”

The DP says his visit to his auntie’s home bore major fruits as he was prayed for and blessed and served with typical village delicacies of boiled maize, and porridge.

Meanwhile, he noted, it also reminded him of his late mother and encouraged Kenyans to take care of their parents and especially in their old age.

“My Auntie prayed for me, blessed me, and treated me to a heavy breakfast of boiled maize and porridge.

“Seeing her makes me remember my late mother who looked exactly like her and talked like her. Parents are a blessing and we must always take care of them, especially in old age,” he urged Kenyans.


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