The woman identified as Shemim Odhiambo entered Harrison Chege’s cereals shop and proceeded to an adjacent bedroom while the owner was away for a short call.

Chege said upon his return, he heard movements in the bedroom before he caught Ms Odhiambo hiding under the bed and raised alarm.

“I had just stepped out of my shop but when I came back I heard some noise inside my bedroom adjacent to the shop. When I went to check I found a person known to me under the bed. I raised alarm and locked the door from outside. I am so shocked because I do not know her motive,” Chege claimed.

Angry mob baying for the woman’s blood had gathered in numbers after word went round that was caught stealing from the cereal shop.

In her defence, Odhiambo, who runs an adjacent general shop, claimed she was delivering some change.

“I just come to give Chege his balance after he bought a soda from my shop. He is the person who pushed me inside his bedroom claiming that I intended to steal from him. I am not a thief,” Odhiambo cried.

Following the dramatic incident, a section of leaders appealed to residents to desist from taking the law into their hands but instead report suspects to relevant authorities.

Odhiambo will be arraigned at Kajiado Law Courts and charged with theft.


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