Through his lawyer Duncan Okatch, Faxto says he has been negatively affected by reports linking him to the death of Mwathi, who allegedly committed suicide.

“Our client has as a matter of fact been greatly negatively affected by the manufactured, widely promulgated and circulated accusations, innuendos and allegations of how the deceased met his death with the same prematurely and without any basis whatsoever alleging criminal culpability to our client. This situation has abounded for a very long time and thus affects our client’s life and his music/entertainment hustle. He is thus the most affected person in terms of any delays in decision-making by your good office. The truth is the only aspect that can set our client free as he is indeed a captive of the said assumptions and allegations,” the lawyer stated.

This comes days after Jeff’s mother Anne Mwathi noted that she has no hope that investigations conducted by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) will bear fruit.

While insisting that her son was murdered, Ms Mwathi wondered why no one has been arrested in connection with Jeff’s death.

“I believe that my son was murdered at DJ Fatso’s house. He did not commit suicide. Why should the DCI put me through all this including exhuming the body of my son and there are no arrests,” said Ms Mwathi.

Faxto wants the DPP to make haste in making recommendations to the file forwarded to their office by DCI.

“We have noted that over the past one week, there has been a lot of concern building up by the day as to the non-communication by your office of either the status of the matter or whether a decision has been made by your office. Further, if no decision has been made, then when is the decision likely to be made? The latest concerns were from the parents of the late Jeff Mwathi and the same were prominently featured in the local dailies (print media, social media and mainstream television stations in the country). We also note with concern that the delay in the discharge of your mandate has led to some unfortunate insinuations from the said parents and we believe that any further delays may cement such perceptions which from the position of the parents may be plausibly understood and consequently be propelled to the public,” Duncan said.

DCI on April 19, 2023, completed their investigations into Jeff Mwathi’s death and handed over the file to the office of DPP for action.

The conclusion of the investigation came three weeks after detectives exhumed Jeff Mwathi’s remains to take more samples for analysis.

The conclusion of investigations meant that the decision to review, prosecute, or not to prosecute now rests with the DPP.


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