Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno found that the prosecution had adduced evidence to warrant putting the trio on their defence.

The three, Alex Ochogo, Rale Nyakerario (Sagini’s grandmother) and Pacifica Nyakerario (Sagini’s aunt) have been summoned to appear before the court on April 28, 2023, for the defence hearing.

“Until the agreed time within which they would give a defence, this court finds them guilty of all the charges prosecution brought against them,” Ogweno stated.

The three were charged with causing grievous bodily harm to baby Sagini at Ikuruma village in Marani sub-county on December 13, 2022. They denied the charges.

His sister who also testified also informed the court that on the day the incident occurred they were supposed to meet at the river to fetch water as usual but the three-year-old boy did not show up since he lost his Jerrican.

Sagini was later found dumped with his eyes gouged out in a nearby maize plantation hours after he had gone missing.

He was rushed to Kisii Eye Hospital for treatment but doctors established that his eyes were permanently damaged.


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