A family in Kiambu is mourning the death of their three children who died in a tragic road accident.

According to the mother of the children, the deceased had gone to pick up their sister when the incident occurred.

At the time, the three who succumbed while receiving treatment in ICU were in the company of another sibling who survived the accident.

The mother of the children stated that she was unable to establish how the children were involved in the accident.

“They had gone to pick up their sister then they come back. I wouldn’t know how they found themselves here in this accident,” the woman told a local publication.

She stated that the last time she had from her children they were okay.

“The last time I spoke to them was at around 9.30 am. They told me they are okay. George left at 9 am to pick up his sister. I don’t know how all of them ended up in the accident scene,” she said.

Images seen from the accident scene show a lorry, a motorbike, and a separate vehicle.

The lorry had a cracked screen while the other vehicle had a broken bumper.


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