Residents of Magarjali village in Tana River county were treated to drama after a 24-year-old man eloped with his father’s bride.

A family member disclosed that the official wedding was postponed to the stipulated time due to the fasting period.

“He agreed with the girl’s parents that the rest of the ceremony would take place after Ramadhan, the first week after Eid,” Hassan Wario, a relative stated.

His son Ahmed Golo is said to have eloped with his father’s bride-to-be after efforts to convince him not to marry the young woman went futile.

Ahmed and his siblings had asked their father not to marry the teenager because she was too young for him. They argued that the lady was younger than their sibling and that their father should reconsider his stance and marry his agemates.

Wario stated that other family members tried to convince the children to accept their father’s decision but they refused.

Consequently, Ahmed who claimed that his father’s act dishonoured the family name, looked for Saada and eloped with her. He left his father a note asking him to pursue his agemates.

“We only realised she was missing around 10 am because we could not find her, all we found was a note written in our language, but the handwriting was not hers,” Saada’s sister Asha Fadhe stated.

Later, Ahmed called home notifying his mother that he would marry the girl and have children with her before returning home.

“He says he will marry the girl and have children with her before he returns home. I tried to tell her it is not right, but he says the girl has agreed and is happier that he saved her,” Ahmed’s mother said.

Golo, on the other hand, asked the teenager’s family to refund his dowry, he also called out his first and third wives for plotting against his plans to marry the young woman.


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