The Public Service Commission has appointed Raphael Owino as the new Director General of Public Debt Management, a position that will significantly impact the financial stability and strategic planning of the National Treasury.

Owino joins the National Treasury with extensive knowledge and valuable experience from his previous role at the Central Bank of Kenya.

His expertise in public debt management, particularly in achieving and maintaining sustainable public debt, reducing long-term debt servicing costs, and managing the risk of contingent liabilities, is expected to be a significant asset to the organization.

The National Treasury expressed confidence in Owino’s capabilities, stating that his expertise, experience, and insights will greatly benefit the organization as he steps into this critical role.

“We are pleased to welcome Raphael Owino to our esteemed team. His extensive background and deep understanding of public debt management will enhance our efforts to maintain economic stability and promote fiscal responsibility,” the National Treasury statement read in part.

At the same time, the National Treasury extended its appreciation and gratitude to Haron Sirima, the outgoing Director General, for his invaluable contributions during his tenure.

Dr. Sirima’s dedication and leadership have been instrumental in advancing the organization’s goals and ensuring effective public debt management.

“We wish Haron Sirima all the best in his future endeavours. His commitment and strategic vision have been vital to our progress, and his legacy will undoubtedly continue to influence our work,” the statement read.


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