Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has condemned the arrest and detainment of vocal online activists opposed to the Finance Bill 2024.

Sifuna demanded for their immediate and unconditional release while speaking to the press at Parliament buildings on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, where he reiterated Azimio’s stance to reject the Finance Bill in totality.

The Azimio Senator also slammed the use of government machinery by the government in a bid to crack down on public dissent, calling for the immediate release of the blogger Gabriel Oguda and other prominent social media personalities who have gone missing in the wake of today’s protests.

“We have seen goons raiding people’s homes at 2.00 am, including Gabriel Oguda and Osama Otero who were picked from their homes, not the streets. You must release Gabriel and all the others who have been kidnapped by the police with immediate effect.” Sifuna said in the presser.

“We want to commend the young people who have continued to pile pressure on members of parliament to ensure that the voices of the people are heard. Be afraid not, this is your country and you will take this movement to its logical conclusion.”

In a message to the police, the ODM Senator urged the police to support the protesters who were agitating for rights ad freedoms including theirs, noting that the police should protest against the deployment to Haiti which has not been received well by a majority of Kenyans.

The first batch of policemen to the UN mission in Haiti was flagged off yester night in a low key event amid grumblings from within the force as many promises had not been met. This include the promised amount of Ksh100,000 for each officer before deployment, reports saying the officers received Ksh20,000 only, which makes for one fifth of the total sum.

“Those young children on the street are not your enemies, the enemy is the one shipping you to Haiti despite the position of Kenyans that we do not support the deployment.

“I want our police officers to know that the public is not your enemy, so please stop brutalizing these young people we are on the same side. In fact, the police should be joining these young people to say Ruto must go!” Sifuna quipped.

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