In an Instagram post shared on July 5, 2024, Nyamu shared a photo and captioned it; “Welcome to Kenya my country where baddies also snitch.”



A post shared by Karen Nyamu (@karenzo.nyamu)

In his remarks at the inaugural X Space engagement on July 5, 2024, President William Ruto addressed Kenyan concerns about misconduct and opulence shown by some of the current government’s leaders, which had angered Kenyans.

Ruto was responding to a participant’s question who had called out nominated Senator Karen Nyamu for always grabbing headlines for the wrong reasons.

The user wondered why she was still holding a public office after displaying an extravagant lifestyle and a lack of modesty.

“I agree that some of our officials are arrogant, some of them speak out of fun, and some display obnoxious opulence if I may say which does not just anger the public, sometimes I call some of those people and give them a piece of my mind,” Ruto said.

In his response, Ruto acknowledged the concerns raised against Nyamu, saying that he had been forced to engage her personally in some instances.

“Even Nyamu, I have had an occasion to sit her down and tell her that she needs to change what she is doing,” Ruto added.

According to Ruto, he had engaged the outspoken Senator on several occasions regarding her public image and even advised her to take a different approach to her public image.


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