Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has appealed to Secondary School Principals to be patient with the Government on the release of capitation funds saying the government is committed to releasing the resources to facilitate smooth running of operations.

Speaking as he officially opened the 47th Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association annual national conference at Sheikh Zayed School, Mombasa, the Deputy President reiterated the Government’s commitment to a thriving education sector.

“About the capitation, we have had challenges with a very tight fiscal space, escalating public debt against diminishing revenue. We don’t have a store anywhere where we can get money. We receive money from taxpayers and we give it to you. When there is a delay in receiving there is a delay in disbursement. We try as much as we can to release the money on time. We will work together progressively to do what we can do within the limited space,” DP Rigathi Gachagua said.

He said the government has heavily invested in TVETs to equip the youth with skills that will make them competitive in the job market. This is besides the incorporation of recognition of prior learning to increase prospects for people who are already armed with requisite skills but lack validating documents.

“We have continued to invest in the TVETs because of their potential to create jobs, especially in the Informal Sector of our economy, which is employing more than 83% of our workforce. In looking for more opportunities beyond our borders, cutting-edge skills are the passport. Therefore, there must be a seamless transition from Senior Secondary Schools to tertiary institutions, as per the Pathways,” he added.

“We have also incorporated Recognition of Prior Learning under TVETs as a strategy of increasing employment prospects for people who already have the requisite skills but lack validating documents,” the Deputy President said.

On alcohol and substance abuse, he appealed to teachers, KESSHA, KUPPET, KNUT, KUSNET, and other associations to complement the government efforts.

He lauded teachers as leaders who play a critical role in shaping the moral compass of the young ones and society.

“Mko na sauti sana. Mtusaidie na hii vita ya pombe haramu. If you have to drink, drink the right thing so that those who want to emulate you can emulate the right thing. Look after our girls so that they are not preyed on by bad people. We count on you as leaders. That space to grant them the desired future,” he said.

He also called for prudent management of resources within the institutions.


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