While addressing the media at KICC on July 9, 2024, Ruto revealed that the forum’s main aim would be to chart a path forward for the country, addressing key issues and proposing solutions for national progress.

“The religious community, civic society, professional groups, political parties, this forum will begin on Monday next week, and end Saturday next week, it will be a six-day forum and will propose the way forward for the country,” Ruto remarked.

Ruto highlighted that due to current austerity measures, all attendees would be responsible for covering their own expenses. 

Further, Ruto called upon various stakeholders to promptly share the names of their representatives by Friday, July 12, 2024, to help ensure comprehensive participation and diverse perspectives in the discussions and decision-making processes.

“In the interest of making sure we live within our means, all participants will bear the costs of attendance. This is the result of the consult we have gone through this morning, and we look forward to beginning the forum on Monday. The various stakeholders will be required to submit their representatives by Friday this week,” Ruto noted.

In response to the upcoming forum, Raila Odinga echoed his support and acknowledged the importance of the government’s willingness to engage in dialogue. 

Additionally, Raila emphasized the significance of this opportunity for individuals to voice their concerns and collaboratively work towards sustainable resolutions for long-standing issues that have impacted the nation.

“I am happy to confirm that we have had consultations, and we have agreed that a dialogue, is the way forward out of the crisis we are having today in our country. We have agreed we give people an opportunity, to be heard, to express themselves, to come out with the grievances that are ailing our country today, so that lasting solutions can be found,” Raila noted.

The decision was followed after youth-led protests that were held across the country, resulting in the deaths of more than 40 people.

On June 29, 2024, Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service Felix Koskei announced that all national-level umbrella organisations representing the youth, civil society, religious organisations, professional bodies, business community organisations, academia, student leadership, majority and minority leaders in Parliament, the Council of Governors, and other stakeholders were required to nominate representatives to constitute the National Steering Committee of the NMSF.


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