The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, has launched a Refugee Resource Center at the University of Nairobi, offering significant benefits to refugees in the country.

This initiative aims to foster sustainable socio-economic inclusion for refugees and provide localized research to generate evidence on challenges and solutions related to forced displacement.

During the launch, Grandi emphasized the critical role of the resource centre in addressing the multifaceted issues faced by refugees.

He highlighted that the centre would help refugees by creating a policy regime that supports their inclusion in the local economy and society.

Additionally, the centre will focus on research to understand better and address the root causes and impacts of forced displacement.

Grandi noted that refugees face numerous dangers, including violence, extortion, torture, and even death while seeking safety and opportunities.

The Refugee Resource Center aims to mitigate these risks by advocating for and implementing protective measures and providing refugees with essential resources and support.

He emphasized that addressing the challenges of forced displacement requires a combination of effective policies, visionary leadership, and robust international support.

By focusing on these areas, the centre aims to create opportunities for refugees to rebuild their lives and contribute to their host communities.

The centre’s launch underscores the need for collective action to address the rising number of refugees worldwide.

Grandi stressed that peace is the ultimate solution to reducing forced displacement, as refugees often prefer to return home when conditions permit.

The centre will advocate for voluntary and safe return options for refugees, emphasizing the importance of peace in their home countries.

Overall, the Refugee Resource Center at the University of Nairobi represents a significant step towards improving the lives of refugees in Kenya by providing them with the necessary support, resources, and opportunities to thrive.


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