Stephen Bingi who was part of comedian Eric Omondi’s friends who attended the burial, was representing the ‘team sisi kwa sisi’, an Eric Omondi’s online initiative.

While passing his message of condolences to Eric Omond and his family, Bingi asked for permission to talk about an issue unrelated to the funeral.

Mimi joh nawakilisha team sisi kwa sisi, Ericko Iza joh na Jah Jah akeep soul ya Freddy in an ever living life…sisi ka team sisi kwa sisi tumekuja kutoa rambi rambi zetu kwa Ericko na familia. Tunasema ni pole sana. Na pia pole kwa kuongea hii, ni kando na hapa…” Stephen Bingi said as he apologized in advance for whatever he was going to speak next.

Mourners who were following closely waited with eager to hear what the youthful reggae comedian was going to talk about, only for him to hit out at President William Ruto over the high cost of living and over taxation.

Bingi insisted that as Gen Zs, they had chosen to reject the Finance Bill,2024, in its entirety, and should President Ruto fail to return three times the amount he had collected from Kenyans in taxes, they would be going for him.

Bingi said that he is a true Zakayo due to his height, terming President Ruto as a false Zakayo, who should not fail to return the people’s taxes.

Sisi kama Gen Z tulisema tumeireject, na Zakayo, mimi ndio true Zakayo. True Zakayo alirudisha hiyo tax mara tatu, na kama false Zakayo hatarudisha, tunakam by force,” Bingi stated, leaving mourners in stitches.

Fred Omondi was laid to rest on Saturday, June 29, 2024, at his rural home in Sega Village in Usenge, Siaya County.

He is the younger brother of popular comedian and activist Eric Omondi.

Fred died in a road accident on Kagundo Road on the morning of June 15, 2024.

Police said the accident happened after a bodaboda carrying Fred was involved in a head-on collision with a speeding bus around 6 am.

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