A celebrity Kenyan woman rally driver who allegedly assaulted her boyfriend on Jamhuri Day landing him in ICU has been freed on Sh 100,000 cash bail pending investigations into the incident.

Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi released Maxine Wahome on bail after rejecting the Prosecution’s request to continue detaining her pending completion of Investigations.

The driver was released on bail and ordered to be reporting to the Kilimani police station every Monday until the probe into the matter is determined.

The police had sought 14 days to continue detaining the Wahome until the condition of the boyfriend Asad Khan aka Kalulu also a rally driver improves.

Khan is said to be admitted at Avenue hospital following a spat which left him with serious injuries.

” The complainant Khan is admitted at High Dependency Unit in critical condition with serious deep cuts on the right ankle, ” said state prosecutor James Gachoka.

The lady is being investigated over an offence of grevious harm and if charged and convicted maybe sentenced to life imprisonment.

Gachoka sought for the detention of the suspect on grounds that she is influencial and most of the witnesses in the matter comes from the apartment where she resides.

“We want to monitor the condition of the complainant, subject the covered mobile phone and simcards recovered from Wahome to cyber analysis and obtain necessary reports which we believe contains crucial information, ” says Gachoka.

The state further wanted the woman detained to enable them escort her to the government chemist for DNA sampling before they can file criminal charges against her.

Police alleged that the combat between the two which occurred at their apartment left hous goods strewn on the floor at the dining room with a pool of blood strains on the floor and staircase.

The magistrate heard that the fight left windows and doors panes glasses broken.

Gachoka informed the court that police are persuing other accomplices of Wahome in the incident as they are at large


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