Opposition leader Raila Odinga has condemned activities that occurred during yesterdays anti-Finance Bill protests that saw thugs infiltrate and turn the demonstrations violent.

In a statement, Odinga noted with sadness that criminals posing as peaceful protesters had hijacked the process and turned them into mayhem.

“We condemn the scene we saw on our television screens and which people witnessed and experienced in their neighbourhoods across the country, in the hands of criminals posing as protests,” Odinga said.

He also noted that the events had turned chaotic following the looting, vandalism and robbing as from what was witnessed at the start of the protests when the youth were in complete control of the process and its programme.

While extending his sympathy to families who’ve suffered in the hands of looters and rogue police, the opposition leader condemned police brutality on the protesters and demanded for accountability from security agencies during the demonstrations.

“I extend deep sympathy to the families and innocent people who’ve seen their business premises broken into, their products looted and who now face the reality of being worse off than before the protests,” he added.


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