President William Ruto on Friday, July 5, 2024, announced several key changes in his administration in a move meant to reduce expenditure.

Speaking during the State of the Nation address at State House in Nairobi on Friday, July 5, 2024, the president dissolved 47 state corporations.

The president said the staff currently employed in the affected corporations will be transferred to ministries and other state agencies.

“47 State Corporations with overlapping and duplicative functions will be dissolved, resulting in the elimination of their operational and maintenance costs, and their functions will be integrated into the respective line ministries.

“Staff currently employed by the affected corporations will be transferred to ministries and other state agencies,” the president said.

Similarly, the president announced a reduction in the number of government advisors by 50 per cent and removed the budgets for the offices of the First Lady and Second Lady. He has also suspended the hiring of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs).

“I make this statement to highlight the actions taken in response to overwhelming public feedback in recent days, to fulfil my commitment to continuously and effectively listen to the people of Kenya.

“The following actions shall be taken with immediate effect towards the realisation of the new budget. The number of advisors in government shall be reduced by 50% within the public service, with immediate effect. Budget lines providing for the operations of the offices of the First Lady, the spouses of the Deputy President, and the Prime Cabinet Secretary shall be removed,” Ruto stated.

Additionally, Ruto announced that public servants who reach 60 should go on mandatory retirement with no further extension.



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