“How leaders who stood with the people and voted NO against Finance Bill, 2024 are received at home!” the legislator wrote.

On June 24, 2024, Kaluma announced that any of his children who fail to participate in the June 26, 2024 protests against the Finance Bill 2024 will be subjected to DNA tests to confirm their parentage.

“Any child of mine who will not go to the streets with other children of Kenya this Tuesday to protest over-taxation and corruption in government will face DNA test!” he declared.

Kaluma insisted that his children must succeed where he has fallen short.

The legislator, a member of the Azimio La Umoja coalition who opposed the Finance Bill during its second reading, emphasized the importance of unity.

“The children of Kenya MUST walk together to succeed where we failed,” he said.

During the Third Reading on Tuesday, 195 MPs voted in favour of the Bill, while 106 opposed it.

However, Ruto declined to sign the bill into law on Wednesday after the bloody protests that gripped the country a day earlier.

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