Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has acknowledged and praised the efforts of young people exercising their constitutional rights by demanding improved governance and service delivery.

Speaking at the second National Development Implementation Committee (NDIC) on Thursday, July 11, 2024, Mudavadi noted the importance of integrity and accountability among leaders in response to the public outcry for reforms.

He said that the youth have expressed their concerns saying they feel a disconnect and do not feel the actions of the leaders they elected.

“Our young people are calling us out with a strong message that they are not feeling us. We have shown off our wealth, corruption, and wasteful use of public resources, highlighting our insensitivity to their struggles,” he said.

“We must take responsibility for our actions, as the ultimate accountability rests with us. Let’s focus on getting things done. This is the legacy we should strive to leave behind when our tenure ends.”

Mudavadi pointed out that in three years, leaders will return to the electorate seeking re-election, urging them to reflect on their achievements.

“In just three years, we will ask our people to renew our mandate to lead this beautiful nation for another five years. The fundamental question is: what will our scorecard look like? We must strive to win the hearts and trust of the people in the remaining period by rolling up our sleeves and working for them,” Mudavadi said.

During the meeting, Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale mentioned that the discussions covered a range of national issues, emphasizing the importance of providing regular updates on the progress of various policies and development projects to keep the public informed and engaged.

“The meeting addressed both national and international issues, highlighting the government’s commitment to addressing developmental challenges and advancing Kenya’s strategic interests. Regular public updates on project and policy progress were emphasized to maintain citizen engagement,” Duale said on his X account.

This meeting occurs amidst mounting pressure on President William Ruto from the youth and political leaders to dissolve his Cabinet instead of merely reshuffling it.

Senate Majority Whip Boni Khalwale urged the President to disband the current Cabinet and reconstitute it.

He also called for the elimination of the Chief Administrative Secretary’s office and the First Lady’s office, as well as other unnecessary public offices.

Khalwale suggested firing the Inspector General and presidential advisors for incompetence.

Khalwale argued that the current Cabinet is beyond redemption and that the President should consider a complete reconstitution.

The calls for dissolution stem from allegations of corruption, nepotism, and inefficiency among some cabinet secretaries, who have also been accused of flaunting their wealth amidst public economic struggles.


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