Second Lady Dorcas Rigathi has broken her silence over recent measures announced aimed at cutting down spending amid the withdrawal of Finance Bill 2024 which would have helped raise additional revenue to run various government programmes.

Amongst the offices to be affected by the new directive are those of the First Lady and the Second Lady whose budgets have been scrapped.

Speaking Sunday, Pastor Dorcas indicated that she has no problem with the removal of budgetary allocation to her office.

“Nchi imesema hawataki Second Lady awe na budget na ni sawa,” she said during a church service

The Deputy President’s spouse however promised to carry on with programmes she had initiated and which were being supported by the budget given to the office of the Second Lady.

“Kazi ya wavulana sitawacha. That is a vision I have, it is a passion I have for the boy child. I cannot stop because I started even before I was in the office,” she said

While reiterating that this was a matter close to her heart, Mrs. Rigathi disclosed that she would find alternative ways to finance programmes aimed at empowering the boy child, such as seeking support from the church, of which she is part.

“You and I can do it. I am asking the church to open its doors to our children. Let them come into the churches. Feed them, clothe them, mentor them, disciple them, and make sure wako sawa,” she said

“As a church, I believe God has blessed us and we can be able to change the lives of our young people. The church has power and authority that God gave us to be able to do what we have to do. We can raise money ourselves to help young people overcome challenges such as drunkenness,” added the Second Lady


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