Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu’s WhatsApp account has finally been restored after being banned last night.

Taking to her Insta Stories, the senator expressed joy over the recovery of her account and urged Kenyans to keep sending money.

Nyamu’s account was banned due to spam after a section of Kenyans thronged her inbox urging her to publicly reject the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

She took to her Insta Stories to condemn the users constantly texting her via the Meta app.

Despite sending me a lot of 1kshs and 5kshs, u can see what texting me constantly on whatsapp has done. tukware. Mume furahi sasa siwezi chat sindio,” she wrote.

In a move meant to act against the controversial bill, a section of Kenyans countrywide flocked President William Ruto and MPs DMs to oppose the bill.

A significant number of MPs had to deal with the persistent numerous calls and texts from Kenyans in the civic display of activism. The contacts were shared by different users on X to mount pressure on the legislators to oppose the bill which seeks to introduce new tax proposals likely to burden the already struggling citizens.

The citizens also staged demonstrations across different parts of the country to vehemently oppose the proposed law aimed at raising additional revenue for the Kenya Kwanza administration.

However, despite the relentless push, the bill sailed passed the second reading at the National Assembly on Thursday, June 20, 2024, after 204 MPs voted in favour whereas 115 voted against. The bill is expected to be presented for a Third Reading on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

As the bill will be presented for third reading on Tuesday, youthful Kenyans will be protesting in streets across the country to pressure the MPs to oppose the bill in totality.

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