Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen now says there is a need to have a law that guides the process of reviewing of lifestyle of anyone holding public office.

Murkomen says such a law is necessary to address the concerns that some state and public officers are living beyond their means.

“I propose that Parliament urgently introduces and passes Lifestyle Audit Bill to provide the parameters of auditing the state and public officers and to investigate their living standards to ascertain consistency with their lawful income,” he said

Murkomen says with the law, it will be possible for the public to gauge whether someone appointed to public office may have unscrupulously enriched themselves by holding those positions.

“Kuliko tuongee kwa mdomo tu, watu wanasema ooh, huyu alikuwa waziri jana, amenunua kiatu, amenunua shati, amejenga nyumba…why don’t we pass a law in Kenya for lifestyle audit, so that after every one year we can do a lifestyle audit of everyone holding public office,” he said during the burial of Former Permanent Secretary Josiah Sang in Kericho County

“Tufanye lifestyle audit ili isikuwe Kipchumba Murkomen pekee yake anaonwa kiatu gani amevaa leo, shati gani amevaa siku gani, ikue public position as a country where everybody goes through the same system,” he added in an apparent reference to allegations that he had amassed so much wealth since his appointment to the Cabinet by President William Ruto


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