Debate on the Finance Bill 2024 is currently underway in Parliament ahead of the voting which is expected to take place beginning at 2.30 in the afternoon.

This even as the anti-Finance Bill protests continue in various parts of the country.

The legislators will take a vote where if more MPs are in favour of the vote, it moves to the next stage which is the Committee of the Whole House.

This is the stage, where any proposed amendments to the Bill are considered and a vote is taken on each.

The Committee of the Whole House then approves clauses with or without amendments before a report is sent to the House seeking approval.

If it is approved, it moves to the final stage which is the Third reading. Here, no amendments are made and a final vote is taken.

If the MPs approve the Bill, the Speaker of the National Assembly transmits it to the President for assent. The President has 14 days, to assent to it or refer it back to the House with some reservations.


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