In a video shared by Haki Group director Hussein Khalid, Josinter Ochieng, mother to Kennedy Onyango was heard crying in pain requesting that the truth be revealed on what caused her son’s death.

Further, Josinter made a plea demanding transparency and accountability from those responsible for the tragic turn of events.

In her frustrated state, Kennedy’s mother demanded answers from doctors and the government, demanding to know what tool took her son’s life, asserting that it was not his fault.

“Kumwona na kuskia Ken ameuwawa, serikali ata wewe uko na mtoto, serikali ata wewe umezaa, daktari ata wewe uko na mtoto, uongo ata kama ni uongo, ukweli ni risasi, chenye mimi nataka kujua ni kama ukweli ni risasi ama alidungwa kisu ama alianguka. Kama ni risasi… mtoto wangu hana hatia,” Josinter noted.

According to Kennedy’s mother, her son was only 12 years old, innocent and too young to be involved in any protests. 

“Mtoto wangu alikuwa tu only 12 years old, hawezi enda maandamano. Atakama ni harufu ya risasi, mtoto wangu hana hatia, risasi ni ya kuua mwizi sio mtoto,” Josinter remarked.

On Thursday, June 27, 2024, Kennedy Onyango died by gunshot as state law enforcement personnel attempted to disperse protesters against the finance bill in Ongata Rongai.


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