Court documents have revealed that postmortems carried out on Shakahola victims confirmed that some had missing body parts.

In a suit filed against cult leader Paul Mackenzie, Chief Inspector Martin Munene noted that postmortem reports established missing organs.

The court papers added that police are investigating Mackenzie’s involvement in possible organ trafficking.

“Missing body organs found in Shakahola massacre victims, indicating possible organ harvesting before mass graves burial,” states court documents.

Munene said many of Mackenzie’s followers are missing and are suspected to have died mysteriously.

“It is believed that trade on human body organs has been a well-coordinated involving several players. It is suspected that more bodies may be still buried in the expansive land covering more than 1,000 acres,” the officer said.

The investigator also said that identifying the victims through DNA profiling is still being done since the postmortem process has not been completed.

The Interior CS assured Kenyans that the country and the world will know if there was indeed organ harvest on the victims of the Shakahola cult in Kilifi.

“If any of our people have their organs missing we will tell the world. There is nothing we are hiding. That is the truth,” Kindiki said.

“We will find out why the organs are missing, who took them, and where they were taken,” he added.


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