Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire has accused her political adversaries of orchestrating the destruction of county offices during anti-finance bill protests.

Speaking after touring the County Headquarters office block, which was set on fire during protests earlier in the week, Mbarire claimed that the perpetrators were paid Ksh350,000 to carry out the attacks to undermine her administration.

She described the destruction as a well-planned act of arson executed by hired goons who infiltrated an otherwise peaceful protest by Gen Zs.

Governor Mbarire stated that they are collaborating with investigative agencies to identify and apprehend those responsible.

“It is reckless to destroy government property to sabotage service delivery to the people just because of political selfishness,” she stated.

“Leave the property and the people of Embu alone and come for me. Deal with me. If you want me to die, kill me, instead of destroying the property and the things people depend on,” she added.

The Governor noted that an assessment of the actual damage is ongoing saying the losses are estimated to be in hundreds of millions.

The Embu County office block, along with the UDA and KRA offices, was set on fire during the protests that occurred on Tuesday.


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