Patrick Musyoka is a troubled man after his wife and son were brutally murdered at their home in Nguutani, Kitui county.

A month on, their 20-year-old son was also murdered in cold blood.

The man claims the murders of his wife and son remain unresolved because the perpetrators are moneyed and well-connected.

“It is someone well known to us and is doing this because he is moneyed and has vast connections,” Musyoka lamented.

The man, who has been hospitalised for some months now, says his life is also in danger as he has been threatened severally that once he gets well, he will also follow suit.

Musyoka said no single suspect has been arrested or held accountable for the two incidents.

“We gave police officer names of the suspects but not even a single one has been arrested,” he added.

He is now calling on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to step in and help in investigations as his life and that of his other children are endangered.

Musyoka’s eldest daughter said a neighbour had hinted to her late mother that there were people after the life of her son but days later, she was murdered.

About a month later, the son was also killed while on the farm.

“My father’s relatives hate us so much. We are no longer happy in our land, we are viewed as outsiders,” the distressed woman said.

She urged authorities to intervene as their lives are in danger.

Contacted for a comment, Migwani OCPD Kazungu Charo said he is on leave but will follow up on the matter.


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