Residents of Lokipoto in Turkana West Sub County are hopeful following the successful drilling of an artesian well by the Turkana County Department of Water Services. This development aims to alleviate long-standing water scarcity, enhancing access for domestic, livestock, and agricultural use.

The well, benefiting over 200 households and supporting up to 50,000 livestock, was tapped by a team led by Emmanuel Echapan, the sub-county water officer. This initiative will reduce the distance residents need to walk for water, enabling activities such as kitchen gardening and livestock rearing.

“For years, Lokipoto has struggled with poor water access. This new well will provide clean water and support sustainable livelihoods,” said Patrick Losike Lokaimoe, County Executive Committee Member for Water Services. He emphasized the need for sound governance to ensure the resource benefits everyone, especially the pastoralist population.

The well is part of a broader strategy by Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai’s administration to improve water access across Turkana West. The project, executed in the 2023-2024 fiscal year, underscores the county’s commitment to tackling water scarcity.

Residents expressed relief and optimism. “This well will improve our quality of life,” said Ebei Esekon, a resident. The artesian well is expected to serve as a model for future water projects in the county.

Engineer Echapan noted ongoing efforts to restore water supply connections disrupted by recent floods. His team will monitor the well regularly and address any breakdowns promptly. Located along the pastoralists’ migratory route between Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan, Lokipoto is set to benefit significantly from the new water source.


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